The Candidates Respond

The March 5 Municipal Election is drawing near, with many voters still undecided about their choices to fill the two open City Council seats. In an effort to glean meaningful, substantive information to help guide that decision, the Courier posited the following query to each of the 10 candidates:

“There are 10 candidates running for two seats on the Beverly Hills City Council. Assume that there is a clear front-runner who will handily secure the highest number of votes, locking in one of those City Council seats.

Assume this candidate is NOT you.

Rather, you are one of several candidates in a close race for the second City Council seat.

With less than one month to go before the election, make the case to an undecided voter as to why you are more qualified than your closest competitors.

Be as specific as possible and try to avoid repeating the statements you have already made in candidate forums and your campaign materials. At this point, the voters know your background, what you stand for, and what you believe are the most critical issues facing the city.

How do your solutions for these critical problems and your overall qualifications distinguish you from your competitors?”

Each candidate was allowed a response of 600 words. Those responses follow in alphabetical order.

Craig Corman

While every candidate running for City Council is smart and believes they can do a good job, my people-centered approach to problem solving, my educational and legal background, and my 13-plus years of experience in city government set me apart.

First, as I often say, Beverly Hills has unique concerns and challenges that require innovative solutions, not cookie-cutter ideas that have been tried elsewhere. I’ve talked at length about some of the solutions to vexatious issues that I helped craft during my eight years on the Planning Commission, including the Trousdale View Preservation Ordinance, the current Historic Preservation Ordinance and the Hillside and Basement Ordinances; what these ordinances all share—apart from being effective and different from what city staff initially proposed—is that they reflect an approach to problem solving based on empathy and psychology. I always listen carefully to people so I can understand their concerns, then try to find compromises wherever possible, because I know people will accept solutions more readily if they feel at least some of their concerns have been addressed. I also know the most effective way to get people to act in the collective interest is to treat them respectfully, and to incentivize desired behavior, not criticize or penalize them for doing otherwise—in other words, use more carrot and less stick. And when differences do arise, either with residents or co-workers, I never make them personal or take them personally. I believe this approach to problem solving, as much as anything else, has enabled me to work effectively on city commissions for the better part of the last decade and a half.

Second, my educational and legal background are particularly relevant to serving on the City Council. At Stanford, I studied journalism and filmmaking, which taught me to convey ideas clearly and in a relatable way—something essential to good governance. My law school training honed those skills, as well as my abilities to research, analyze, rebut and construct persuasive arguments, and to think strategically and creatively. And my years of law practice as a corporate litigator taught me the need to put in the time and energy to completely understand a problem in order to work through potential solutions, and to never settle for just “good enough” or “OK.” Above all, everything I’ve learned through the years has trained me to make reasoned decisions based on facts and logic, not ego, and to always be flexible enough to acknowledge if an idea is not working and pivot to a new one.

Third, experience in city government matters. Not everything germane to a given subject is contained in city staff reports, and knowing when and what relevant information might be missing often depends on having dealt with similar situations before. Moreover, it’s one thing to watch other people grapple with conflicting viewpoints, and quite another thing to have to balance those viewpoints in coming to a decision; I know I’m much better at doing that now than I was when I first went on the Planning Commission in 2009.

Taken together, I believe my government experience, background, and approach to public service make me uniquely qualified to serve on the council.

Tiffany Davis

I’m Tiffany Davis, and I am asking for your partnership in ensuring Beverly Hills holds a steadfast commitment to reinstating a neighborhood worthy of our residents. I am the most qualified candidate for City Council in the current era in which we are living. As someone who deeply appreciates the heritage and timeless elegance of our neighborhood, I understand the desire to return to the golden days of Beverly Hills.

If we haven’t met yet can we get to know each other? I’ll start here, and I hope you will reach out to tell me about yourself at I am a business owner and seasoned resident of many world-renowned cities. I bring a fresh perspective and common-sense solutions that are actually attainable. I have carefully studied the issues by attending every City Council Meeting, Study Session, and Mayor’s Cabinet Meeting the past two years. I believe in implementing solutions for what we can immediately control and correct as we work on long-term planning. For example, we need more police officers on foot while we continue to hire and train, which can take up to 18 months. We can instantly move private security from their cars onto foot in all commercial areas. We can add more lighting and cameras to streets and alleys. We can improve traffic by simply delaying pedestrians from crossing for 30 seconds while turning cars clear the lane. We can feel comfortable again on the streets, in our schools and stores, in places of worship, and at home.

Beverly Hills operates on the world stage, but real people live here. I propose we survey city-owned property to turn into resident-only, gated recreation areas. This is a highly effective model in New York and London.

Why don’t we design”‘Beverly Village” similar to what you find in Brentwood or the Palisades? Where are the teen centers, live music  and family-friendly dining? Let’s welcome young families to plan their future in Beverly Hills.

With my 20 years of experience as an executive and business owner managing multimillion-dollar budgets for clients including the Super Bowl and Formula 1, while managing staff, vendors, and client requisites, I am prepared to balance the needs of residents, business owners, and tourists while providing effective direction to staff.

I have led city committees including Next BH, city initiatives such as Next Night Street Festival, and held leadership roles with BHHS programs, the Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary Club, which have directly benefitted this community while demonstrating my strength as a leader and community connector. I would establish a community-wide calendar featuring everything happening in Beverly Hills and would deploy a weekly newsletter highlighting topics from within City Hall, keeping you informed.

As a renter who has owned property and been a landlord, I am prepared to address our housing needs, not just to meet state mandates, but to enhance relations between owners and tenants.

I’ve lived in Beverly Hills twice with several years of experience in other iconic communities, which provides me with the only perspective outside of Beverly Hills in the past decade. I see solutions that are not apparent to the other candidates who have spent the better part of their lives in only this one community.

This election is more than a vote—it is a statement about the direction we wish to take. By choosing me, you are choosing an advocate. Your voice will be heard and valued. This is a job for someone who understands what you need now. It’s time for you, it’s time for Tiffany.

Myra Demeter

The next years will be transformative times for Beverly Hills. There is a necessity for a leader who not only understands our community’s concerns but possesses the experience and dedication to address them effectively. My name is Myra Demeter, and I stand poised to be that advocate on the City Council, your community voice, placing transparency, collaboration and tangible results for all residents at the forefront of my agenda.

Twenty-seven years ago, I relocated to Beverly Hills from New York with my husband Dan and our four sons. With a love for community and a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, I immediately became deeply involved in our city, assuming numerous leadership roles from school board to commissions. Through my current extensive engagement with thousands of residents, I recognize the pressing need to address safety concerns, enhance family-friendly resources, and ensure that public voices are not only heard but actively considered at City Hall. My commitment remains steadfast: to serve as the voice for residents, attentively listening to their concerns and collaborating tirelessly with colleagues to devise practical solutions. Transparency and accessibility will serve as the cornerstones of my approach, ensuring that every resident feels adequately represented in the decision-making process and that residents feel they know what’s going on.

My extensive governance experience distinguishes me as a candidate with a proven track record of delivering results. With eight years of service on the BHUSD Board of Education, seven years on the Health and Safety Commission, and my current role as a Planning Commissioner, I have consistently prioritized collaboration and strategic goal setting (SMART goals—strategic, measured, attainable, reliable, time-bound). This approach has yielded significant achievements, from securing funding for state-of-the-art school facilities to implementing life-saving policies such as the ban on cigarette smoking and tobacco sales.

Public safety stands as my top priority. Recent incidents underscore the urgency of strengthening community-police relations and bolstering security measures. Through collaboration with law enforcement, social workers, local government, residents and businesses, I am committed to tirelessly working towards making Beverly Hills the safest place possible for all residents. Investing in innovative technology and community-based initiatives will be pivotal in achieving this objective.

Moreover, I possess a clear economic vision for Beverly Hills. By prioritizing resident-serving retail and family-friendly businesses, I aim to infuse vibrancy into all areas of our city, extending beyond the confines of Rodeo Drive. Through direct engagement with our real estate community, I endeavor to attract family-friendly businesses to our city-owned retail properties by collaborating with commercial real estate partners to rejuvenate underutilized retail corridors. Safer street designs will alleviate traffic congestion, bolstering support for local businesses and enhancing our city’s overall vibrancy.

With a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, I am guided by principles of financial accountability, employing zero-based budgeting and clear metrics to safeguard our city’s financial health into the future. Navigating the challenges posed by the State of California’s directives on housing development necessitates expertise and experience. Today’s Housing Element contains assurances that we will build over 500 units to satisfy the state’s mandate. As a current member of the Planning Commission, I am uniquely positioned to ensure that Beverly Hills meets its obligations while preserving our community’s character and addressing residents’ needs.

I am the most qualified and approachable candidate to lead Beverly Hills through the challenges ahead. With my governance experience, commitment to transparency and collaboration, and deep dedication to directly addressing residents’ concerns, I am poised to be an efficient and effective voice for our community. Vote Myra Demeter, your community voice for City Council. Together, we can forge a brighter future for Beverly Hills.

Nooshin Meshkaty

As we approach the final stretch of this election, I want to take a moment to address why I am the most qualified candidate for the Beverly Hills City Council. While you may have already familiarized yourself with my background and the core issues I stand for, I hope to offer additional insights into why my solutions and qualifications set me apart from my competitors.

First and foremost, my extensive experience in municipal governance uniquely positions me to tackle the critical issues facing our city. With over a decade of service on various advisory boards and community organizations, I have developed a deep understanding of the intricate workings of local government. This experience has allowed me to cultivate relationships with key stakeholders within our city, among our neighboring cities and counties, and at the state level, and gain firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities Beverly Hills faces.

Moreover, my track record of tangible accomplishments demonstrates my ability to translate ideas into action. To my knowledge, I am the only candidate that comes with significant supervisory experience from a technical workplace. I do not rely on rhetoric. I have a proven history of bringing team members with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences together to execute projects successfully. Whether that be my 20-plus person team with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory or on city commissions or BHUSD School Board, I bring a proven history of implementing practical solutions to address pressing issues. This will be needed to spearhead initiatives to improve public safety, enhance infrastructure or promote sustainable development, and I have consistently delivered results that benefit our community.

I stand out in my innovative approach to problem solving. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of local priorities, we need leaders who are unafraid to think outside the box and explore new avenues for progress. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a willingness to embrace change, leverage emerging technologies, and best practices to achieve our shared goals. By harnessing the power of data analytics, fostering public-private partnerships, and embracing smart city initiatives, I am confident I can usher in a new era of prosperity for Beverly Hills, its residents and businesses.

Additionally, I recognize the pressing need to address the housing element issue, ensuring affordable and accessible housing options for all residents. Furthermore, it is crucial to take care of our aging community by providing adequate support services and facilities while integrating and engaging our younger community members to help our businesses thrive.

Furthermore, my commitment to inclusivity and collaboration sets me apart from my competitors. I firmly believe that effective governance requires input from all segments of society and a willingness to seek consensus despite differing opinions. As your council member, I will strive to foster an environment where every voice is heard, and decisions are made with the best interests of the entire community in mind. By bridging divides and building coalitions, I am confident we can overcome any obstacle and realize our shared vision for Beverly Hills.

I humbly ask for your support and your vote in the upcoming election. While there may be several candidates competing for your attention, I am confident that my qualifications, experience, and vision for the future uniquely position me to serve as your representative on the Beverly Hills City Council. Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow for our beloved city.

I appreciate your consideration.

Hamid Omrani

We are all well aware of the challenges presented nowadays, more so as City Council candidates have diligently provided important information which concerns our residents.

We are at a pivotal point aligning our views by actual plans, direction, know-how, relevant experience and meaningful determination to set the course. Exciting speeches and promises are not enough.

For example, I am confident to assert the facts that my half-century relative experience, background, and involvements in construction and development within the community empowers me to provide the necessary guidance to ensure the state housing mandates, and the Metro station projects emerge while the best interest of our residents remains protected.

Council members are rightfully expected to bring strong advocacy for Beverly Hills residents as rightfully expected. It is about important responsibilities, the chair cannot be fielded for fame, and personal satisfactions, nor a place for expressions and pleasing promises.

I am devoted to bringing on my vision and experience to contribute and assist in guiding our community to wellness and betterment tirelessly.

I value your vote of confidence in me.

Sharon Persovski

On the campaign trail, many Beverly Hills residents have told me of their disappointment with the current City Council. It’s going around in circles, they say, and is lacking in fresh ideas. It’s the same set of insiders that have been running things for decades, with little to show for it. This “country club” approach may have worked reasonably well 30 or 40 years ago—quieter times when the city faced fewer challenges and less serious ones.

Today, though, that approach is threatening Beverly Hills’ reputation as a first-class community— crime runs rampant, businesses struggle to survive, the state government continues to reprimand us for failing to meet basic mandates, parents seek to find other places to raise their children. The situation becomes more dire all the time.

Beverly Hills needs fresh thinking, new leadership, an outsider who is not a part of the old-line Beverly Hills clique. A leader who can get things done. I, Sharon Persovski, am that leader. I am a well-prepared outsider with government experience who is ready to serve the families and businesses of our great city. I stand ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Take, for example, the housing element, the state’s mandate that the city take affirmative steps to provide a targeted number of new housing units in the city, including some set aside for low-income residents. The State of California has rejected Beverly Hills’ housing plan not once, not twice, but several times. The matter has gotten so out of hand, that courts have stepped in, enjoining further permitting in the city until the housing situation is appropriately addressed, that matter is on appeal.

A major reason for this is that our existing council members, while intelligent and well-meaning, fail to understand the language of development. Most, if not all, cannot read an architectural plan, or understand critical details. We need someone on the City Council who can speak the language of development, and that someone is me. I earned my degree in environmental design decades ago, and since then began a career in design, where I participated in the development of major retail projects, hotels, restaurants and government buildings throughout the world. As chair, vice-chair and member of Beverly Hills’ Architecture Commission, I had the opportunity to review projects of all sorts that were proposed for Rodeo Drive and other parts of the city. Although it is useful for the Beverly Hills City Council to draw upon the skills of its members in a variety of fields, such as law or business, we also need the perspective of someone who truly understands building, planning, costs, materials and aesthetics.

Also, as a mom who raised two kids in Beverly Hills, crime and public safety is a very personal issue for me. This is our top priority. It is important that we recruit the finest, best-trained officers and outfit them with the most advanced crime-fighting technologies. Most critically, we have to be ready for the arrival of the Metro, and for all of the law enforcement challenges that will bring. On day one of my term in the City Council, I will reach out, not only to our own Beverly Hills Police Department, but to the Los Angeles County Sheriff, to the L.A. Metro management, to affected businesses and residents. The Metro will bring tourists and workers to our city, but it will also bring some serious public safety challenges, and the City Council needs a tough fighter who will do what it takes to keep our beautiful city safe.

Alissa Roston

Having walked our city over the last several months, the concerns of the community are resoundingly clear—public safety is job number one. Your safety is top of mind as we face an unprecedented rise in antisemitism, two incoming Metro stops, three major world events coming to Los Angeles, and the current policy of District Attorney George Gascon, which prevents Beverly Hills from prosecuting crimes the way we see fit. I share our community’s desire for a new District Attorney, more police officers, a dedicated Metro unit and police substation, and an overall increase in patrols and visibility. The question is not whether or not we as a city want this, it’s how we are going to pay for it. To put it simply, keeping our community safe and increasing city services is not cheap. We need a council member with the financial acumen to be able to make these desires a reality.

What distinguishes me from the other candidates is that I have the financial expertise to tackle these critical budgetary issues. My  40-plus years of professional financial experience are what we need on the council, and I am the only candidate that brings this to the table. Professionally, I worked as an Economic Analyst for the U.S. Department of State, a banker at Union Bank, and I ran a successful medical practice for over 30 years. I served on the Temple Emanuel Board as V.P. Budget and Finance and on several other organization boards serving on the finance committees.

When working with any organization, I always start with a full financial review, and I would do the same once elected to council. Some of my financial solutions include implementing zero-based budgeting in departments where it makes sense, advocating for the creation of a Vendor Oversight Committee to review outsourced contracts, vendor agreements and external expenditures, and hiring an independent City Auditor to assess financial and operational risks.

Current City Treasurer, Howard Fisher shares, “Alissa’s background as a financial analyst and banker, will bring much-needed financial expertise to the council. Alissa brings invaluable insights cultivated over 40 years of dedication to our city. I’ve known Alissa for 30 years, and I hope she can earn your vote in this election.”

Past City Treasurer Joan Seidel shares, “Alissa has tremendous experience and a genuine interest in keeping residents and businesses engaged in the city’s budget process.”

This experience in finance is why I am more qualified than the other candidates to make our safety desires a reality. This is not an entry-level position. This job requires years of city and governance experience. I have over four decades of experience serving this community, including two terms on the Beverly Hills Unified School District governing board, Recreation and Parks and Charitable Solicitations city commissions and dozens of city committees.

Aside from my city experience, professional financial background, and commitment to our community, I believe my approach to solving problems is what makes me the ideal choice for City Council. When deciding which candidates to support, I understand that there may be one or two issues you focus on. However, the reality is that this council will make hundreds of decisions over the next four years. I encourage you to assess the disposition of the candidates, consider how they approach complex problems, and evaluate their experience and expertise. I am proud of my record of always trying to find balance and to make the best decision for all involved on any board or organization where I have served. I will approach this job in the same way, and I hope to earn your vote.

Robin Rowe

Beverly Hills City Council candidate Robin Rowe sides with Beverly Hills Police Chief Stainbrook, who says Beverly Hills doesn’t lack for police officers, that the Beverly Hills crime rate is falling, and that simply adding more officers cannot be expected to reduce crime.

Robin Rowe urges voters to reject all nine of the other candidates because they have said they will significantly increase spending yet have no plan how to pay for it. That has serious consequences, forcing future cuts to Beverly Hills Parks and Recreation, the library, building safety enforcement and other city services.

Robin Rowe has a plan…

1. Police: Put more Beverly Hills uniformed police officers on foot patrol to deter crime. Make cuts to so-called ambassadors, private security who were hired as a stopgap during police staffing shortage, but who can only report crime, then wait for a real police officer to arrive.

2. Housing: Stop proposing brain-dead mixed-use housing plans that cannot possibly meet the state housing requirement for 3,100 new units. Robin Rowe’s housing plan would zone for two high-rise residential towers like Chicago’s beautiful Lake Point Tower, on undeveloped city property away from single-family homes.

Robin Rowe urges voters to reject all candidates from the Beverly Hills Planning Commission, responsible for the lack of affordable housing in Beverly Hills and for the lack of protected bike lanes. The commission’s many failures to produce a housing plan acceptable to the state has serious consequences, with the Builder’s Remedy overruling Beverly Hills zoning laws. That the Planning Commission’s architecturally flawed Cheval Blanc Hotel plan was rejected by Beverly Hills voters in referendum also has serious consequences, with future Beverly Hills budget cuts expected due to lack of hotel tax revenue.

3. Schools:  Reinstate the Beverly Hills schools diversity honors program, repealed by the Beverly Hills City Council in 2010. The diversity program had the best students from outside Beverly Hills compete to fill empty seats in Beverly Hills classrooms, created high academic standards and filled gifted student classrooms. The City Council and BHUSD together are responsible for Beverly Hills High School falling from first to 1,518th place academically.

Robin Rowe urges voters to reject all candidates from the Beverly Hills School Board. BHUSD destroyed all public records associated with BHUSD’s improper diversion of $16 million of school building renovation funds, that investigators sought to trace. BHUSD was sued in Superior Court for withholding public records. In settling that case, BHUSD acknowledged that they had destroyed public records. Incompetent and negligent.

A current School Board official running for City Council is not fit to serve, was on the BHUSD Oversight Committee previously. That committee failed to stop the BHUSD diversion of funds and destruction of public records.

4. Transportation: Build the Beverly Hills Skyway, a modern aerial tramway with suspended gondolas, like at the best ski resorts, to provide public transportation within Beverly Hills capable of moving 2,000 visitors per hour. To be built in a year, before the Rodeo and La Cienega Metro stops open. Without the Skyway, Beverly Hills traffic will come to a standstill, clogged by hundreds of Ubers trying to reach Metro passengers to ferry them the last mile.

5. Legal: Stop wasting millions on nuisance lawsuits against the county, state and federal government in an expensive and ultimately futile effort to delay enforcement of progressive U.S., state and county laws that City Council conservatives don’t like.

Robin Rowe has experience planning and implementing national security for the U.S. Department of Defense. Current elected chairman of a U.N. medical task group.

Russell Stuart

In the vibrant heart of Beverly Hills, where tradition meets innovation, our City Council election represents a pivotal moment for our community. As one of the candidates vying for the second City Council seat, I understand the gravity of the choice before you. With a clear front-runner for the first seat, the competition for the second is intense. However, I believe my unique blend of experience, vision, and commitment sets me apart from my fellow candidates, making me the most qualified choice for shaping our city’s future. Unlike my competitors, my approach to the critical issues facing Beverly Hills is not just about addressing immediate concerns but ensuring long-term sustainability and prosperity. My campaign is built on more than promises; it’s grounded in actionable plans that consider the future impact of today’s decisions.

Public Safety and Community Well-Being

While all candidates prioritize public safety, my commitment extends beyond traditional measures. Drawing from my personal experience in the military, as a business owner and as a family man with deep roots in this city, I advocate for a holistic approach to safety. This encompasses not only enhancing the capabilities of our police force but also integrating advanced technology and community-based programs to create a cohesive safety network. My plan includes targeted initiatives to address rising crime, homelessness, and the anticipated challenges the subway opening most certainly will bring. I also propose innovative partnerships with technology firms to implement smart, data-driven policing strategies that are proactive rather than reactive.

Economic Revitalization and Small Business Support

Economic vitality is crucial, and here, my background as a successful entrepreneur provides me with insights my competitors lack. I understand firsthand the challenges small businesses face, especially in a high-stakes environment like Beverly Hills. My commitment to easing regulatory burdens and fostering a business-friendly atmosphere is not just rhetoric. I have a comprehensive plan that includes tax incentives for small businesses, streamlined permitting processes, and support programs for local entrepreneurs to innovate and expand. This approach not only aids current businesses but also attracts new ventures, ensuring our city remains a dynamic hub of opportunity.

Education and Youth Engagement

Education is another area where I differ significantly from my opponents. Recognizing that our children are the future, I am dedicated to creating and supporting initiatives that provide safe, enriching learning environments. However, my vision extends beyond school walls. I propose the establishment of community mentorship programs that connect students with local leaders and professionals, fostering a sense of civic duty and providing practical experience that textbooks cannot offer.

Preserving Beverly Hills’ Unique Character

Protecting the unique character of Beverly Hills while encouraging sensible development is a delicate balance. Unlike my competitors, who lean towards either preservation or development, I advocate for a balanced approach. My strategy involves careful zoning reforms that protect our city’s charm and heritage while accommodating innovative businesses and development. This balanced approach ensures that we preserve the small village feel of Beverly Hills, even as we embrace the changes necessary for our city’s growth and vitality.

In conclusion, my qualifications extend beyond my professional achievements and political aspirations. They are deeply rooted in my love for Beverly Hills, my dedication to its people, and my vision for its future. With less than a month to the election, the choice you make will shape our community for years to come. I offer not just solutions but a partnership with the people of Beverly Hills to build a city that remains safe, prosperous and vibrant for all who call it home. Thank you for considering me as your choice for Beverly Hills City Council.

Mary Wells

I am Mary Wells, the only currently elected official of the 10 candidates running for Beverly Hills City Council. As a School Board Member, I represent our community now and am engaged in city governance daily, working directly with city officials and staff, BHPD and BHFD as liaison to several commissions addressing safety, traffic, and resident needs, or as a negotiator of the new Joint Powers Agreement. Also, after Oct. 7, I championed the BHUSD Board resolution supporting Israel’s right to exist and defend itself, and enforcing policies to combat antisemitism and hate.

I earned a degree in Business from USC, and I understand budgets. I supported zero-based budgeting for the school district and will do so for the city to end wasteful spending. I have saved tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for the district, implemented a safety and security program and cleaned up the school district’s construction program. I have a track record of proven leadership and proven results with accountability and transparency. Simply put, I will hit the ground running and get things done!

My priorities include:

Safety and Security:

• Add sworn officers, increase neighborhood patrols and invest in technology to fight crime and catch criminals.

• Promote a dedicated BHPD Metro Unit to address the risks associated with the coming Metro stations.

• Advocate for a dedicated city prosecutor to charge criminals who commit theft, robberies and smash-and-grab crimes.

Support for Renters, Seniors and Families:

• Support BHFD’s nurse practitioner program and related services to help seniors age in place.

• Partner with BHUSD to create a city-operated Beverly Hills Early Education Center at Hawthorne School offering preschool, daycare and after-school programs.

• Create an Emergency Renters Assistance Program to offer short-term rental subsidies, housing conflict resolutions and mediation services for renters to partner better with owners.

• Hire a Renters Ombudsman who strictly enforces our laws regarding poor living conditions, mold remediation and timely maintenance and repairs to apartment buildings.

Traffic Mitigation:

• Explore Google’s AI Green Light Traffic Mitigation program now being successfully tested in Haifa, Israel and Seattle to calm traffic and reduce harmful emissions.

• Address long-term traffic plans including the impacts of cut-through traffic to our Southeast and Southwest residential neighborhoods.

Fiscal Accountability and Transparency:

• Hire an independent permanent city auditor.

• Implement more stringent review of consultant and vendor contracts.

• Use zero-based budgeting to mitigate wasteful spending and allocate resources where most needed.

• Stabilize and regulate essential service fees for residents.

Planning for our Future:

• Update the 2010 General Plan to better address traffic, density, parking, housing, retail, and create a long-term vision and blueprint for our future.

• Respond to housing needs of young professionals, families  and seniors by partnering with developers and/or offering better incentives.

• Create a Utility Infrastructure Plan to reduce power supply issues and our dependence on SoCal Edison, and invest in infrastructure to improve our quality of life.

• Review and improve the permitting and building inspection process for businesses to cut red tape.

All candidates can identify the issues, but what distinguishes me is that I am deeply engaged in our community now, am confronting our most critical issues daily, and I have proven that my leadership skills of listening, focusing on the issues and finding consensus-building solutions gets results. My term on the School Board ends this year, and I want to bring my experience and skills to our City Council. I have been endorsed by the BHFA and numerous organizations and city leaders who know that I am the uniquely qualified candidate who you can count on to get things done.

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