Motion Set for April 29 in DuPont Clinic Lawsuit

A motion is set for April 29 in the Los Angeles Superior Court in the lawsuit filed by DuPont Clinic, PC against the city of Beverly Hills and various city officials. The Courier broke the news in its Oct. 6, 2023 issue that DuPont had filed an action in connection with its planned reproductive health services clinic at 8920 Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills. The complaint seeks compensatory and punitive damages for inducing breach of contract, interference with contractual and economic relations and misrepresentation, among other causes of action.

Discovery has been ongoing, and in February, defendants filed a special motion to strike portions of the complaint under California’s “anti-SLAPP” statute, alleging that DuPont’s claims arise from activities protected by that statute. (SLAPP stands for strategic lawsuits against public participation.)

In the pending motion, DuPont is arguing that it needs additional time to respond to the anti-SLAPP motion because the city’s prior responses to interrogatories and document requests are inadequate. In addition to compelling the city to submit compliant responses, DuPont is asking for a new briefing schedule, allowing sufficient time to respond to the anti-SLAPP motion. 

The Courier will continue to monitor relevant developments in this case as they occur. 

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