Must-Haves for Summer

Ah, summer. The sun is shining, the earth is warm and flowers are in bloom. It’s the perfect time to shed the doldrums and engage in a little self-care spending, commonly known as retail therapy. If you’ve ever made a purchase to feel better, you’re not alone. It appears it’s one activity in which we almost universally take part.

According to a recent Deloitte survey, nearly 80% of 150,000 adults spanning 23 countries claimed to have made at least one splurge purchase to lift their mood within a given six-month period. What’s surprising is that these indulgences were made across the board, regardless of age, income or gender. In fact, the study may have even debunked the long-held “lipstick index,” which used women’s purchases as the primary barometer of splurge spending. Deloitte’s poll showed that men were equally as likely to make emotional purchases and spend about 40% more when they do.

The latest designer launches are the definition of retail therapy, with enough vibrant pops of color and glowing neon to send dopamine production into overdrive. Research has shown that many reap the same mood-enhancing benefits as spenders just by window shopping. So, in theory, merely pursuing these pages should elevate your mood without ever putting an item in your cart or a credit card on the counter. Happy shopping!



  1. Deliciously reminiscent of tri-color swirls of Neapolitan ice cream, the Trinity ring from Cartier features ribbons of 18-carat white, yellow and rose gold. $6,100 at Cartier, 411 N. Rodeo Drive,  310-275-4272 and
  2. Whether you birdie or bogey, you’ll win style points on the fairway with this golf bag from the summer capsule collection by Louis Vuitton and L.A.-based artist Tyler, The Creator. $31,500 at Louis Vuitton, 295 N. Rodeo Drive, 310-859-0457 and
  3. This Dior Men fluorescent-green polo shirt was made for the sporty gentleman who likes to stand out in a crowd. $890 at Dior Men, 362 N. Rodeo Drive, 310-247-8003 and
  4. Carry your summer haul in this chic hand-woven tote from Valentino. It comes with a matching drawstring pouch that can be removed and used separately. $3,885 at Valentino, 324 N. Rodeo Drive, 310-247-0103 and
  5. Named after the first female to complete a solo transatlantic flight, the Amelia sunglasses by Saint Laurent capture the effortless cool of the fearless aviator. $560 at Saint Laurent, 326 N. Rodeo Drive, 310-271-5051 and
  6. Add a pop of color to any neutral-hued ensemble with these Gucci Signoria neon slingback pumps. Green not your thing? They also come in an electric pink shade. $1,100 at Gucci, 347 N. Rodeo Drive, 310-278-3451 and



  1. Emilio Pucci’s bold prints were the epitome of glamour in the 1960s. They still are. This Pucci one-piece swimsuit is timeless, with an upgrade—it’s made of UV-resistant fabric. $500 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 9570 Wilshire Blvd., 310-275-4211 and
  2. From the HardWear collection by Tiffany & Co., this white gold bracelet is simple enough to be worn every day, but with a single link covered in diamonds, it holds its own when paired with formal attire. $21,000 at Tiffany & Co., 210 N. Rodeo Drive, 310-273-8880 and 
  3. Imagine the delight of guests at your next garden cocktail party when they’re served libations in these amethyst-hued glasses from L’Objet. The gem-colored glassware is also available in highball, old-fashioned and wine glass styles. They are sold in a set of four and come in purple (pictured), amber, Bordeaux (a garnet and blue topaz color combo) and a rich emerald green shade. $200 at GEARYS Beverly Hills, 351 N. Beverly Drive, 310-273-4741 and
  4. Part of the latest Colormania collection from Louis Vuitton, this four-piece luggage set will put a smile on your face—before you’ve even made your travel plans. $49,000 at Louis Vuitton, 295 N. Rodeo Drive, 310-859-0457 and
  5. A wide-brim straw hat is an indispensable summer accessory. This simple, classic version from Dior is destined to become your go-to this season. $890 at Dior, 309 N. Rodeo Drive, 310-859-4700 and
  6. You can ride the perfect break on this gorgeous wooden Fendi surfboard, but if you’d rather display it as decor, we wouldn’t judge. $8,900 at Fendi, 201 N. Rodeo Drive, 310-623-3420 and