License In Jeopardy For Doctor Who Allegedly Killed Patient

A doctor with ties to Beverly Hills is being sued for the alleged wrongful death of a woman who died after undergoing a lengthy overnight plastic surgery.

His recent patient’s death, medical negligence, and misrepresentation of his credentials has caused Dr. Ehab Aly Mohamed, a licensed gynecologist who also practices plastic surgery, to receive a partial suspension order from the Medical Board of California (MBC). The suspension means Mohamed cannot perform any cosmetic surgical procedure involving piercing of the skin.

The fact that Mohamed was trained for one specialty, and practices another is not a crime. What is criminal is the alleged negligence that led to the death of 61-year-old Sharon Carpenter Nicholson, who died on the operating table after a liposuction procedure that lasted all day and night.

On his website, a bio for Mohamed describes the doctor with glowing positives, calling him an innovator in micro-invasive, non-invasive procedures, and laser work.

While physicians must be licensed to practice medicine, it is not a requirement for physicians to be licensed in specialties, the MBC’s acting Public Information Officer Jennifer Simoes told The Courier.

The MBC issues general licenses physicians don’t have to be certified in a specialty, Simoes said, noting it is important for consumers to check (physicians) with the American Board of Medical Specialties, a not-for-profit organization that oversees 24 approved medical specialty boards in setting standards.

In an effort to suspend Mohamed’s license, on Dec. 21, the MBC filed an Ex Parte Petition for an Interim Suspension Order against Mohamed’s license, due to what they call the imminent danger he posed to the public.

An administrative hearing on the restrictions placed on Mohamed’s license will be heard on Jan.10, 2011. A further hearing is scheduled tentatively for June 20, 2011.

The hearing is held on behalf of the MBC, wherein Mohamed faces the possibility of losing his physician’s and surgeon’s certificates, or receiving a probationary license.

The hearing strictly pertains to licensing, and does not have any bearing on the legal proceedings pending against the doctor in California civil and criminal court.

The mission of the Medical Board is public protection, and this action reflects the Board’s ongoing commitment to that mission, said Linda Whitney, executive director of the Medical Board.

Mohamed could not be reached for comment, and did not return phone calls. Although his website maintains he has offices in Beverly Hills and Encino, a staffer who identified herself as Judy Evans informed The Courier that the Beverly Hills office had closed.

Public record documents in this case can be accessed at under the heading Enforcement Public Documents.

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