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Waldorf-Astoria Beverly Hills Jean-Georges Beverly Hills offers a varied Easter menu with several main course options like roasted salmon, roasted black sea bass, campanelle with spring peas, veal milanese and snake river farms skirt steak and eggs. More than a dozen desserts will be available at the dessert buffet. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., priced at $135 per person and $65 per child. Call 310-860-6566.

Violins Of Hope, Bringing Holocaust Rescued Instruments For Concerts, Education And Exhibit Next Year

Violins Of Hope, Bringing Holocaust Rescued Instruments For Concerts, Education And Exhibit Next Year

“Kids don’t learn history; and to just give historical data is boring. Educating through music and culture penetrates better than a textbook,” says Reyno who served as the chair of the City of Hope Board of Governors, a board member of the Beverly Hills Women’s Club, and president of Hadassah Los Angeles and ZOA Western Region.

Eve Brandstein Again Helming Barra Grant’s Show Of Growing Up As Bess Myerson’s ‘Ugly Daughter’

“Bess was a formidable force when a lot of women didn’t step into those areas,” says Brandstein. “She was at the vanguard in that way; she was a beauty queen who cared about the world, politics and history.”

WOM Ad for BH Courier
Thalians raise 250000 for uclas operation mend

Thalians raise 250000 for uclas operation mend

Thalians raise 250000 for uclas operation mend

Bird Sues Beverly Hills Over Scooter Ban

Bird Sues Beverly Hills Over Scooter Ban

The company claims that the City of Beverly Hills is violating the California Environmental Quality Act by denying the use of a zeroemissions e-scooter.“

Resident & Saxophonist Michael Lington To Showcase Hits From Latest Album At Long Beach Jazz Festival

“It’s exciting to be embraced by radio,” says Lington. “Hearing your songs on the radio never gets old.”

Nathanson Family Helps Bring Marc Selwyn Fine Art Back To Beverly Hills

Nathanson Family Helps Bring Marc Selwyn Fine Art Back To Beverly Hills

Selwyn and the Nathansons hired Frederick Fisher and Partners who had worked with Selwyn on his previous two galleries, and a friend of them all, for an assessment.

Beverly Hills Hotel Employees Plead For No Boycott On Hotel

Beverly Hills Hotel Employees Plead For No Boycott On Hotel

Another employee said that, “The enemy is not in our backyard; the enemy is somewhere else.” He asked that pressure be brought on our government, not the hotel.

Bruno the K9 Hero Released From Hospital

“It’s one of those bittersweets,” the chief said. “You’re excited that Bruno is recovered, he’s going home, but at the same time, what that means is he’s longer going to be working with us.”

Beverly Hills News – Bakers Wanted for 2014 Beverly Hills ‘Piesta’

The annual Pie Bake & Piesta is a free event featuring a pie eating contest for kids and adults, and lots of entertainingpie-themed activities, including pie ingredient juggling, pie making and decorating, and searching for treasures in pastryflour. Pony rides and a petting zoo will also be available for a nominal fee.

Coe Wins Exmark Dream Trip to Help Build Mower

Upon completion of manufacturing, Exmark shipped Coe’s new Lazer Z X-Series mower to him in Tennessee.

Garcetti Finds New DWP Head in Anaheim

“The time is now to shed the bureaucratic insulation that impedes forward progress and replace it with an agile, risk-tolerant, cost-effective agency, one that is comfortable with transparency and willing to allow its employees do their best work,” she said.

Oscar Newman Donates Proceeds to Typhoon Survivors

“We are donating 100 percent of our proceeds from both wholesale and retail sales,” said O’ Connor.

Courier Launches Silicon Beach Clearly New Website & Eblasts

shopping, hot entertainment and related services. Over 200 businesses, events and authors appear in the debut newsletter.

Dinner Party

Dinner Party

Israeli Consul Gen. David Siegalÿ and his wife Myra) were honored at a dinner in the Beverly Hills? home of May and Richard Ziman (couple in foreground). Standing (from left): Brian and Maxine Weinstock;ÿ Lloyd & Phyllis Berkett;ÿ Arnon and Camille Adar;ÿ David and Myra Siegal;ÿ and Jeannine Sefton and Herb Nadel.


So now, The Courier has called upon the current school board to give out all the information it has or can obtain to educate everyone else in Beverly Hills about the real choices.

Famed TV Psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers Dead at 85

For about four decades, Brothers also had a monthly column in Good Housekeeping magazine.

Tower Cancer Research Gala To Honor Bruce Schulman

Schulman will be honored along with Barbara Federman and Robert Decker, M.D at the Beverly Hilton. In a statement, the Tower Cancer Research Foundation said Schulman and the other honorees personify the foundation’s “mission of hope, healing and humanity.

Saban Investigator Discovers Key Factor In Generating Insulin-Producing Beta Cells

Saban Investigator Discovers Key Factor In Generating Insulin-Producing Beta Cells

“Regenerative medicine has the potential to cure this disease if we can devise a method for using stem cells to make new beta cells,” said Georgia, PhD, and an assistant professor of pedi-atrics at USC’s Keck School of Medicine

Brandy’s Mother Dismissed from $6 Million Lawsuit by DJ

All of the entities named in the case are thought to be controlled by Brandy and her family, according to the lawsuit.

“Silver Linings Playbook” and “Flight” Honored at Prism Awards in Beverly Hills

“Silver Linings Playbook” was nominated for its portrayal of mental health issues, as were “Least Among Saints” and “Return.” For portrayals of substance abuse, the nominees were “Flight,” “Barrymore,” “California Solo,” “Deep in the Heart” and “Smashed.”

Lindsay Lohan Spends Night Before Court Hearing at the Beverly Hills Hotel

The singer-actress spent the night at the historic hotel before appearing in Los Angeles Superior Court for a hearing related to misdemeanor charges stemming from her car accident last June.

Mary Pickford Foundation Launches Online Research Center

“Mary Pickford conceived this foundation over 40 years ago and with this site, we are taking the power of her legacy into the 21st century,” he said.

BHUSD Agrees To Double Pricetag To Feed K-8 Students

Board president Brian Goldberg underscored that labor costs are the major expenditure. ˇOne option the board examined was, for example, reducing the 16 food service employees at the high school to four part-time employees.

99 Cent Store Scouting…  Rodeo Drive?

99 Cent Store Scouting… Rodeo Drive?

“Our cashiers see the customers addresses on their drivers licenses – a lot of them come from Beverly Hills,” 99 Cents Only Store CEO Eric Schiffer told The Courier. “Everybody loves bargains on quality items.”

Beverly Hills Hotel Named City’s First Historic Landmark

Beverly Hills Hotel Named City’s First Historic Landmark

“My grandmother and grandfather would be so honored to see this,” said Robbie Anderson, whose grandparents founded the hotel 100 years ago.

Measure R Extension Vote Postponed

All five county supervisors sit on Metro’s 13-person board and three of them, Supervisors Don Knabe, Michael Antonovich and Mark Ridley-Thomas, cast the dissenting votes. Knabe said the move was premature and counter to Metro’s conservative fiscal policies. Ridley-Thomas said he thought voter approval was unlikely.

Santa Monica Judge Delays Ruling On Fate Of Hannah Carter Japanese Garden

This is really a very interesting case, Cole said. The Regents were duplicitous.

George Christy 062912

We learned that homeopathy dates back as far back as the 19th century.  Today, it’s frequently referred to as “alternative medicine,” involving lifestyle changes, diet considerations, exercise and natural remedies.  A strong sup-porter has been the prolific author Dr. Andrew Weil.   

Current And Former Beverly Hills High Students Honor Joel Pressman

“I couldn’t ask for a better son,” Rabbi Jacob Pressman said. “He taught so many people to just.. open their mouths.”

Independent Experts Rip MTA BHHS Tunnel Study Completely

Even if the actual ground disturbances turn out to be as low as anticipated, the subway tunnels are projected to extend beneath older neighborhoods that are underlain by old, fragile water lines that could experience damage as a result of even minor soil disturbances.

NATO Allies All Responsible for Libya Decision

“Estonia has no military planes, and I personally believe the operation in Libya will be over soon,” Ilves said.

License In Jeopardy For Doctor Who Allegedly Killed Patient

In an effort to suspend Mohamed’s license, on Dec. 21, the MBC filed an Ex Parte Petition for an Interim Suspension Order against Mohamed’s license, due to what they call the imminent danger he posed to the public.

Venice Woman Fell to Her Death on Mt. Baldy

Starting that afternoon, alpine-trained volunteers from several Southern California counties began arriving Mount Baldy Village to join the search for Yu.

Beverly Hills Police Arrest Burberry Robbers, Recover Stolen Property

One suspect entered the store, while one acted as a getaway driver and the other as a lookout.

Cameroon Military Chopper Crash Kills Four

“One of them survived. He was admitted to a hospital in the area,” he said.

Avalon Nightclub Shut Down for Overcrowding

“Typical Hollywood club strategy to make money,” Martin said.

Belgium’s Catholic primate faces homophobia charge

“All I’m saying is that sometimes there are consequences linked to our actions,” the archbishop said, saying of AIDS, “this epidemic is a sort of intrinsic justice.”

Beverly Hills Releases Comment Letter To Metro

Vice Mayor Brucker expressed concern with the Metro’s assertion that seismic activity will prevent the Santa Monica alignment.

Brentwood Physician Receives Two-Year Sentence for Skid Row Health Care Fraud

Sabaratnam apologized to his family for “my criminal conduct and the terrible shame” he caused them.

City Council To Review Pension Reform Effort

The City’s pension costs are partially dependent on CalPERS market performance. From 1999-2003, CalPERS investments performed well, creating a surplus of assests, according to Miller. This is also known as superfunding. Superfunding is a condition where the actuarial value of assests exceeds the present value of benefits.

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