Mary Pickford Foundation Launches Online Research Center

The Mary Pickford Foundation launched, an online research center and clearinghouse in September of 2012. The new center features original videos and writings, photographs, archives, collections, film clips and historical material illustrating the impact the actress and her colleagues had on the film industry. The announcement about the new website was made in conjunction with the inaugural Mary Pickford Celebration of Silent Film, which the foundation co-hosted with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at the Academy’s Mary Pickford Center in Hollywood.

Pickford was a pioneer of early cinema and a founder of United Artists, AMPAS and what is now known as the Motion Picture Home. She was also a producer and astute businesswoman who helped shape the modern-day film industry.

“This online research center is our virtual office and a key element in fostering our mission to further Mary Pickford’s commitment to her craft, her community and her philanthropy while inspiring future generations of women and filmmakers,” said Henry Stotsenberg, president and CEO of the Mary Pickford Foundation.

“Mary Pickford conceived this foundation over 40 years ago and with this site, we are taking the power of her legacy into the 21st century,” he said.

The Pickford Foundation’s Archive and Legacy director, Elaina Archer, and Resident Scholar, Cari Beauchamp, designed the site to be “a central resource for writers, researchers and archivists as well as for those interested in simply learning more about Mary, her friends and the silent era,” Archer said. “We will continuously be adding new material.”

Beauchamp said the “intention is to create an evolving source of information, taking full advantage of new technology.”

“I know that if this site had been available to me when I was writing my books, it would have saved me months of research,” said said, noting that archival interviews with Pickford are posted, along with a listing of more than 100 magazine articles about her.

The Pickford Foundation also announced a partnership with AMPAS that includes the annual celebration of silent film, the digitization of the Mary Pickford collection at the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library and an initiative to promote film preservation.

A link to the Academy’s vast Pickford collection, which the actress initiated, can also be found at

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