BHPD Chief Reassures Community

Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli emphasized the City’s commitment to protect residents during this perilous time in a letter sent March 18 to the community. 

“The Police Department will continue to monitor the public safety issues impacting Beverly Hills and the surrounding region,” Spagnoli wrote. “We understand the community concerns related to safety and have taken proactive measures during this time to keep Beverly Hills safe.” 

In addition to implementing new procedures designed to safeguard the community, the department has also taken proactive steps to maintain the health of police employees and limit the exposure to officers. BHPD has also increased high visibility patrols and modified the handling of non-emergency calls. 

“The Police Department will maintain our less than three-minute response times to crimes in progress and life-threatening emergencies,” Spagnoli pledged. 

While the front lobby of the Police Department has been closed to the public, for emergencies, BHPD can be reached immediately by calling or texting 911. The non-emergency line is 310-550-4951. 

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