Beverly Hills Council Extends Private Security Contract

The Beverly Hills City Council voted unanimously to extend the contract with private armed security company Covered 6. The City enlisted the services of the company at the end of October in anticipation of unrest around the Nov. 3 general election. While anarchy did not descend on the streets of Beverly Hills, the City has continued to see weekly protests over COVID-19 public health restrictions. Even as the City imposes stricter limitations on assemblies, it still anticipates gatherings to continue through the Inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden.

“Since May, 2020 there have been ongoing protests in [Beverly Hills],the region and throughout the country,” the contract between the City and Covered 6 reads. “Life and property may continue to be in peril and the safety of the public, and public and private property, has required the imposition of curfews and a limitation on public gatherings in residential areas of [Beverly Hills].”

“In order to ensure [Beverly Hills] is prepared for future protests, [Beverly Hills] desires to enter into this Agreement with a security services firm to supplement [Beverly Hills]’s Police Department (“BHPD”) and if needed, its Fire Department.”

The original agreement between the City and Covered 6, approved at the Oct. 13 City Council meeting, cost the City $541,264 for supplemental security services starting on election week. According to a report on the contract extension compiled by staff, that amount will run out by Dec. 12.

“Staff anticipates the weekend protests to continue through the Inauguration of President-Elect Biden,” the report reads. “As such, staff is proposing to continue using Covered 6 for supplemental security in the City’s Business Triangle through January 23, 2021.”

The City estimates the cost of the amended contract at $365,000.

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