Council Approves Agency Funding Requests

With the end of this fiscal year approaching, the Beverly Hills City Council addressed the business of budgeting at its May 24 Formal Meeting. The Council approved the work plans and corresponding funding requests from three partner agencies tasked with ensuring the economic success of the city: the Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau (CVB), the Rodeo Drive Committee (RDC), and the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce (Chamber).

Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau

The city contracts with the CVB to promote Beverly Hills as a worldwide destination to stay, shop, and dine, ultimately driving consumer revenue back to the city. Following its May 18 liaison meeting with Mayor Lili Bosse and Councilmember Robert Wunderlich, the Council approved funding in the amount of $4,261,470 for fiscal year 2022-23, as well as the 2022 BOLD Summer proposal and corresponding purchase order for $150,000. From street pole banner artwork to profitable social media impressions, the CVB’s marketing campaign funds will promote the RDC’s proposed red-carpet experience on Rodeo Drive in conjunction with BOLD this summer.

With tourism picking up again, the CVB’s work plan next year focuses on attracting visitors back to Beverly Hills with hotel-focused campaigns in the fall of 2022 and spring of 2023.

“Our average daily rate in our city is stronger than ever, with all hotel’s combined a total of $756 a night, which far surpasses any of our competition,” Chief Executive

Officer of the BHCVB Julie Wagner said of spending in the city. The number is based on data collected from Visa credit card spending and the Milken Institute.

The CVB’s marketing campaigns work to support other partner organizations like Sing for Hope Pianos, Rodeo Drive – The Podcast, and the Father’s Day Concours d’Elegance. The annual Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance will return to Beverly Hills this Father’s Day with a moving car rally through city streets and a stationary concours-style car show on Rodeo Drive. The rally will kick off the event around 9:30 a.m. on June 19. This year’s featured class will be Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, with over a dozen of their finest models, including pre-war coach-built cars, on display for the public.

“We’re doing better than our surrounding cities, and where does that come from,” Wunderlich said. “That really comes from these kinds of investments that we’re making. We’re in competition, on a global scale, for people to come and visit our city and to spend money in our city. And so, in my mind, it’s critical for us to be doing these sorts of investments.”

Rodeo Drive Committee

Following a May 18 liaison meeting with Mayor Bosse and Councilmember Wunderlich, the council approved the RDC’s work plan for next year and funding in the amount of $184,998. The Council also approved the 2022 BOLD Summer campaign for Rodeo Drive and a purchase order not

to exceed $296,954 with J. Ben Bourgeois Productions for execution of the campaign. For the 2022 BOLD Summer activation, the RDC will host a red-carpet experience with various social media installations within the 200, 300, and 400 blocks of Rodeo Drive and enhanced audio, with speakers installed within the center median. The activation is to run from July 25 through Aug. 21. Additionally, during June, July and August, retailers on Rodeo Drive have planned to host their own pop-up experiences.
This year, the RDC is looking to foster deeper connections with those interacting with social media channel and generate more user content. “Our idea is to start a pilot project over the summer months where we install signs on insta-worthy places on Rodeo Drive to proactively inform Rodeo Drive visitors of the possibility to be featured on our channels,” Juliane Kringe, a marketing and brand specialist working with the RDC, said. The pilot program will run for three months, with 10 signs spread across all blocks of Rodeo Drive.

Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce

After review by council liaisons Mayor Bosse and Councilmember Wunderlich on May 18, the Council approved the Chamber’s work plan and funding request of $540,530 for next year. The figure is up by $51,590 from last year. At the Chamber’s request, special event permit fees for new business ribbon cutting events will also be waived.

The Chamber’s work plan for next year includes both annual programming and new initiatives that focus on strengthening existing business relationships and attracting new ones. In addition to the Chamber’s annual New York business attraction and retention trip, another mission trip to Miami was approved for next year. The three-day trip will focus on attracting new restaurants and retail concepts to Beverly Hills.

To market the city’s Concerts on Canon series and drive traffic to restaurants, the Chamber will launch a “BOLD Bites – BOLD Sounds” campaign, promoting the 12 summer concerts and encouraging guests to make a night of it, and pair the evening with a fun dinner venue. Each week, the pairings will be based on shared themes with restaurants that range from casual to high-end, with suggestions on when to go. The Chamber highlights different businesses through initiatives like the Now Beverly Hills Shop Local program and Business with Bosse, among others, too.

“I love, love, love the Bold Bites and Bold Sounds,” Mayor Bosse said. “I think that’s truly fun and brilliant. Once again, partnering up with our fantastic concert series that we have on Thursday evenings and letting people know to come enjoy the music and enjoy our wonderful restaurants. I love the fact that you’re working with the CVB and the RDC and promoting all the city.”

“I think that your plan for this year is extraordinary,” Bosse added.

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