Community Meets at City Hill to Dance the Stress Away

On Aug. 18, city employees, council members and residents gathered in front of Beverly Hills City Hall to let loose at Mayor Lili Bosse’s Music and Dance! event, the second installation in her Mental Wellness Series.

Created by Bosse, the Mental Wellness Series is intended to help alleviate some of the post-pandemic stress that residents may still feel. For this event, Bosse wanted to get bodies moving, because she believes that getting on the dance floor is one of the best ways to relax the nerves. 

“It fills your soul and gives you a sense of spirit, a sense of being in touch with yourself,” Bosse told the Courier. “For me, mental wellness has been so important because it’s been a challenging few years. Now, it’s time for us to let it out and connect with one another in different ways.”

Bosse got the party started by walking out of City Hall to greet the crowd waiting for her. DJ Keybo got everyone moving by launching a set that spanned an array of genres, Stevie Wonder to Bruno Mars. Partygoers of all ages were emboldened to throw their hands high in the air to familiar favorites, such as Abba’s “Dancing Queen” and The Temptations’ “I Got Sunshine.” Dancers put their moves on display to classics such as “Do the Hustle” by Van Macoy and Pan’s People. Even Keybo couldn’t resist joining in.   

Something as simple as dance inspired a powerful sense of community, and that was a key objective of the evening. Attendees danced, took photos with Bosse or simply shared laughs. The crowd sang, clapped together and smiled as the sun set. 

“Do you see anybody sad, depressed or anxious? What an incredible event!” said community member Eric Cohen. “How kind of the Mayor to make sure that even with all the things going on in the world, we still have music and dancing.”

Bosse, of course. 

The next installation of the Mayor’s Mental Wellness Series is set for Sept. 23, with guest Dr. Deepak Chopra.