New Brand Experience Center Debuts in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills community members including mayor Lili Bosse, local influencers, and members of the City Council came out on Aug. 17 to celebrate the opening of the flagship Brand Experience Center for INDI EV, an electric vehicle company that was founded in 2017. Part showroom, part influencer-friendly film studio, part event space, the storefront hopes to beckon customers to a new type of car-buying experience. 

The showroom is one of many Brand Experience locations that INDI EV hopes to open nationwide. Visitors can chat with sales representatives or peek inside one of the company’s vehicles, which come equipped with two massive screens ready to be used as a video game console, TV screen, or work on a computer.

Like any car dealership, visitors can take an INDI EV car for a test drive or reserve one for purchase (they start at about $45,000). For those who aren’t brave enough to get behind the wheel, the storefront also offers a virtual reality driving simulation.

The showroom is also available for businesses to host community events. It’s all part of the company’s mission to support innovation and collaboration.

“We want this space to be more than just a storefront,” said Bobby Buschell, an associate manager of marketing for INDI EV. “We want this to be a community space and somewhere that people can gather and meet new people.” 

“I can tell you that this is absolutely going to be the best home for INDI EV,” Bosse said to the crowd. “What we love about having you here is you’re visionary. You think towards the future. That’s what Beverly Hills is.” 

After the ceremony, Bosse and the Council took a tour of the showroom and studio. Bosse expressed admiration for the company’s commitment to uplifting technology and new creators.

“It’s been so exciting that INDI EV chose Beverly Hills for their flagship,” said Bosse. “What makes it so unique and different is that they’ve created an experiential space where people can come and get involved and take the spirit of the future.” 

In addition to the traditional showroom, INDI EV offers a “Creator Studio” for content creators involved with its brand ambassador program. The space, located on the second floor, hosts a state-of-the-art editing bay, Instagram-friendly lighting, and a wall of backdrops and ring lights perfect for filming the next big Tik Tok. 

INDI EV has partnered with Twitch live-streamers, Instagram influencers, Tik Tok personalities, and YouTube content creators to be “Indie Innovators” who promote the vehicles and their technology. Anyone involved with the program can use the creative space for their projects.

“Brands like this are really important, and to creators like me,” said Ella Rosa, a musician who attended the event. “I want to make music and content for INDI EV.” The space is what INDI EV hopes will be an invaluable resource for artists and car lovers alike.

“The idea was to give people the information that they’d get at a traditional showroom, but also give them a hands-on experience and exposure to the technology behind the car that makes it so unique,” Buschell said.