Beverly Hills Selected as Finalist for “Most Business-Friendly City” in Los Angeles County

Beverly Hills has qualified as a finalist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) “Most Business-Friendly City Award.” The winner will be announced at LAEDC’s 27th Annual Eddy Awards on Nov. 9.

Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Executive Officer Todd Johnson told the Courier that the nomination is gratifying and reflective of the effort the city has been putting in towards sustaining business in Beverly Hills. 

“We’re thrilled to be in the running for this award,” said Johnson. “I think people will be excited and proud to be in this city and recognize the fact that it’s one of the strongest brand names in the world.”

The city’s Marketing and Economic Sustainability Manager Laura Biery told the audience at the Aug. 25 Live with Lili event about the nomination. As part of the selection process, cities were asked for testimonials from local businesses about the relationship they’ve had with city staff. 

“Our businesses are part of our city’s heart and soul,” said Mayor Lili Bosse in the city’s official announcement about the nomination. “We proudly create a supportive environment for them to prosper and grow without having to jump through unnecessary hoops or red tape thanks to our incredible city staff who makes things happen. We treat our businesses like family members that keep our community thriving.”

In 2020, the city introduced its OpenBH Program, aimed at allowing temporary outdoor operations during the pandemic so that the community could enjoy dining outdoors and businesses could continue operating while following strict health and safety protocols. 

The program is currently still in place and will be up for City Council review in December 2022. From creating the Small Business Task Force, Property Owners Task Force, and the Covid-19 Business Recovery Assistance Task Forces, the Beverly Hills City Council has made hearing directly from the business community a priority.

Additionally, Bosse invites the community to join her at twice each month at different local businesses, as part of her Business with Bosse initiative. 

The Eddy Awards will be hosted at SoFi Stadium and streamed live online.