Latest Live with Lili Covers Broad Range of Topics

Residents voiced their opinions on a number of issues at the Oct. 10 Live With Lili, including a resolution condemning the government of Iran, substance abuse awareness and ways to honor visionary residents. The meeting began with updates from Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse on issues brought forward at the previous Sep. 13 meeting, such as recognizing community healers, usage of bike lane next to Roxbury Park, and homeless outreach resources for the public.

In response to concerns from residents who don’t know which agency to contact when they need assistance, the city is creating a three-digit hotline that will be available 24 hours a day, “as well as a whole program in place to address this concern,” said Bosse. More information will be shared at the next meeting. On the topic of bike lane usage next to Roxbury Park, data collected by the city from July and August showed that an average of 32 cyclists used it per day. According to Bosse, that number has increased by six since April. During the session, Bosse also suggested that the Human Relations Commission showcase people in the community who are healers during its mental health update at each meeting or incorporate a similar acknowledgment in Parks and Recreation mental health programing. 

Chair of the Human Relations Commission Noelle Freeman asked that Business with Bosse highlight shops in the southeast part of the city. According to Bosse, businesses that want to be featured contact the city, and be prepared to accommodate anywhere from 150 to 300 guests.

The topic of drugs in the city schools was also discussed. “Maybe we should have a campaign, maybe we should bring the sniffing dogs back to our schools,” Beverly Hills resident and psychologist Dr. Nanaz Pirnia said. “Everyone is doing drugs and vaping everywhere.”

After several student fentanyl overdoses in the area since the school year began, Los Angeles public schools will be equipped with Narcan, an opioid antagonist, often administered nasally, that can immediately reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. BHUSD will also be stocked with Narcan.

“We are doing our best right now to alert parents about the fentanyl crisis,” Board of Education President Mary Wells said. With October being National Substance Abuse Prevention month, Wells shared programming at the middle and high school to educate students and parents about drug use and overdose.

On Oct. 23, Beverly Hills High School (BHHS) parents can tour a “Reality Party” to learn about the current party culture and the threats related to alcohol and drugs. “Reality Party” is an immersive, realistic, simulated teen party performed by BHHS student actors at a private home in Beverly Hills. 

The event will take place from 2 – 5:30 p.m., with limited space. To register, visit Following the tour, parents will hear from a panel of experts in the field on how to keep their kids safe.

Another suggestion made by a resident was find a way to way to recognize residents who have impacted the city, and possibly expand the Cultural Heritage Commission’s Golden Shield awards beyond locations that have historical and cultural significance. “For the moment, because it’s relatively new, we’ve focused on places of interest,” Cultural Heritage Commission Chair Kimberly Vinokur Reiss said. “Part of what I’d like to do is introduce people to that as well. So that would be definitely something we could take into consideration.”

The next Live with Lili will be held on Nov. 22. 

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