Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Leadership PAC Endorses Marcus and Manouchehri for the BHUSD Board

The Board of Trustees of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Leadership Political Action Committee (PAC) has endorsed Rachelle Marcus and Judy Manouchehri for the Beverly Hills Unified School District Board for the upcoming Nov. 8 election. In a statement, the Beverly Hills Leadership indicated that it “believes that these candidates have the vision and skills necessary to manage the financial and educational issues which currently confront the BHUSD and which will benefit our students in the years ahead.”

The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a BHUSD Candidate Forum on Oct. 17. All five candidates participated in the Forum. 

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The Beverly Hills Leadership PAC is administered by a Board of Trustees, which acts in compliance with state and federal law, including the California Fair Political Practices Act. The Board of Trustees’ principal responsibilities shall be to support or oppose candidates. 

The Board of Trustees retains the sole discretion to expend funds in support or opposition of candidates.