Metro Updates D Line Progress

At its quarterly in-person community meeting for the Purple (D Line) Extension Transit Project on March 1, Metro representatives shared the latest construction updates for sections one and two in Beverly Hills, including the Wilshire/La Cienega station, opening

2024, and the Wilshire/Rodeo station, slated to open in 2025. The meeting was held at the Municipal Gallery at Beverly Hills City Hall and members of the public had the option to tune in virtually.

At the Wilshire/La Cienega station, phase one of the decking removal process is tentatively scheduled to start over the weekend of April 28, beginning near Tower Drive on the east side of the station. The work requires a full closure of Wilshire Boulevard from La Cienega to San Vicente Boulevard beginning at 8 p.m. on Fridays through 7 a.m. the following Monday. 

“It’s a huge milestone for the project,” said Scott Donohue, Community Relations Coordinator for Metro. “It indicates that final restoration is starting to be put into place, and that we can actually hand this area back to the people of Beverly Hills and back to our benefactors at Metro so that they can start operating.” 

According to Donohue, Wilshire Boulevard will be closed for a total of 59 consecutive hours on each of the eight weekends. While still subject to review and approval from the city, closures are planned for the weekend of April 28, May 5, May 12, May 19, June 2, June 9, June 16, and June 23. Local access to Wilshire Boulevard between Robertson and La Cienega will be maintained from side streets, and detour routes for east and westbound traffic will be identified. 

“All three sections are in robust construction mode,” said Mindy Lake, Community Relations Officer for Metro. “Section one is further ahead of all the others, and you will see that one opening first.”

The next Metro community meeting will be held virtually on April 12.