Beverly Hills is a World Class City; Let’s Vote Like One

As a longtime Beverly Hills resident who believes in all that makes our city so vibrant and unique for residents and visitors alike, I urge you to vote Yes on both Measures B and C. 

As you probably know, Measures B and C would pave the way for a mixed-use development on Rodeo Drive, with the centerpiece being a new Cheval Blanc hotel. This world-class hotel will be a fitting addition to our world-class city. But, most important, the project will bring major benefits to our community. 

Conservatively, the project is expected to deliver well over $750 million to the City’s general fund over the next 30 years. That’s an average of $25 million a year in new revenue to support police, fire, paramedics, and other vital services. In addition, the school district’s share of increased property taxes will lead to more than $100 million in new revenue for Beverly Hills schools. 

And on top of that, the Development Agreement will direct $26 million in unrestricted funding to the City to address our most pressing priorities, with another $2 million to support art and culture programs in Beverly Hills. This project has gone through a rigorous three-year review process. No one got all they wanted, but the end result will be a fitting enhancement to one of the world’s most famous streets that will provide dividends for our safety, for our schools, and for our culture for decades to come. 

But that’s only so long as a majority of citizens votes Yes on both Measures B and C. 

If you agree that our city leaders have done their jobs and this project will help Beverly Hills move forward in the 21st century, please join me in voting Yes on Measures B and C.

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