Peter Ostroff To Launch Courier Column

The Beverly Hills Courier is pleased to announce that its Oct. 6 issue will feature an inaugural column by Peter Ostroff, who will contribute on a regular basis. Ostroff is a highly respected community leader who has devoted considerable time and expertise on municipal matters since retiring from the practice of law in 2017 (after an impressive 50 years). Ostroff served an eventful, six-year term on the Planning Commission that impacted major issues such as state policies intended to diminish local control over development and encourage the construction of housing; the Mixed-Use Ordinance; high-profile developments such as One Beverly Hills and the Cheval Blanc proposal, as well as the development of the former Friars Club site and the office project proposed for Lot 12. His term on the Planning Commission will end on Dec. 31, 2023, and he will refrain from commenting on city land use issues until his term has been completed.

Ostroff joins a prestigious roster of columnists selected by the Courier for their expertise in a wide array of disciplines. The Courier’s goal is for Ostroff’s columns to engage the community on matters of great public interest.

Ostroff served as Co-Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the City’s Climate Adaptation and Action Plan now being prepared. He is a graduate of the Team Beverly Hills program and the Citizens Police Academy and has resided in Beverly Hills for more than four decades.

“I feel enormously privileged to have the opportunity to write periodic columns about Beverly City events and issues for the Beverly Hills Courier,” said Ostroff.

“Service on the Planning Commission, among other things, provides a unique observation point from which to learn about issues that are most important to our residents and the operations of the city government and city services. During the course of this service, I have learned a great deal about both the city government and its structure and departments and about our residents. Spoiler alert: all are pretty good but none are perfect,” said Ostroff.

He added, “My approach up to now has been, ‘See Something, Do Something.’ Now the ‘Do Something’ component will include informing my fellow residents of issues that I believe they should be aware of.”

Ostroff’s columns will appear on an ongoing basis in the Courier. He welcomes suggestions for topics and can be reached at 310-488-9884 or via email at petero@ostroff. la.