Chamber of Commerce Leadership PAC Endorses Craig Corman for City Council

The Board of Trustees of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Leadership Political Action Committee (PAC) has endorsed Craig Corman for the upcoming March 5 municipal election.

The PAC conducted one-on-one interviews with each candidate to learn about their positions on issues facing the business community and their vision for the future.

In a statement to the Courier, the PAC indicated that its priorities include ensuring that the city remains a world-class destination and a safe place to shop and dine; that it remain on a sustainable financial path; that it tackle the housing element issue with sustainable innovative mixed-use developments and continues to attract new businesses. 

The statement added that Corman “has shown good judgment, character, and dedication in his viewpoints during his interviews. His innovative ideas regarding business attraction and development are reassuring. As a planning commissioner, Craig had a strong history of approving the majority of significant and innovative developments after thoughtful consideration of both the business and residential community. As such, the PAC is pleased to endorse Craig as a candidate due to his leadership qualities, temperament and skills to continue to tackle the key issues facing the city in the future and the ability to continue to implement reforms to support both the business and residential community in Beverly Hills.”

The purpose of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Leadership PAC is to preserve, protect and foster good government and support individuals who will promote the city’s business and residential communities. The PAC is affiliated with, but acts independently of, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.