Kathy Hilton Launches Affordable Jewelry Collection

Television personality, philanthropist and designer Kathy Hilton and Boca Raton jewelry designer Anna Zuckerman have debuted a new, affordable jewelry collection. The line—consisting of 50 pieces ranging in price from $125 to $3,200—was unveiled for a small group of media at Hilton’s home in Bel Air. 

Pieces in the Kathy Hilton x Anna Zuckerman collection range from “diamond” studs to pendant necklaces, bracelets, bands and cocktail rings. 

The designs are made by repurposing salvaged lab-grown diamonds and gem materials that would otherwise go to waste. Zuckerman’s innovative approach extends the life cycle of existing materials, such as Diamond Crystalline™, a man-made gem that is so similar in appearance to a genuine diamond, that it apparently takes a trained eye to spot the difference, while contributing to a more sustainable future for the industry.

“I am a jewelry lover first and foremost,” Hilton told the Courier. She also noted that the pieces are perfect for taking on vacation. 

“This is my travel jewelry,” said Hilton. “If something happens you are not going to lose sleep over it. We have insurance, but you never want to use it.”

Hilton, who operated a successful retail home store on Sunset Plaza Drive for close to a decade, and a fashion line sold in Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, also acknowledged the rise of thefts in Beverly Hills in recent years. “I put my jewelry away during the pandemic,” she said. “I wasn’t going anywhere and don’t want to live in fear or to be a prisoner of my possessions.” 

Zuckerman added, “After the pandemic, we are smarter and more careful about investment pieces. This is not a big investment in the same way other luxury pleasures like art and designer bags, which retain resale value, but not fine jewelry. This way you can wear a new piece every day and it will not break the bank.”

The duo hopes this new line will empower women to treat themselves without spending the big bucks. 

“I do not buy myself large expensive pieces anymore, said Hilton, “But this is something you can afford to treat yourself to.” 

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