Horace Mann Elementary School Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Horace Mann Elementary School is celebrating its 90th anniversary with a host of events scheduled throughout this school year. An alumni celebration took place last weekend, and a week-long multicultural celebration which begins Oct. 14 is another highlight of the scheduled events. 

Horace Mann PTA Executive Board member Jill Egerman spoke with the Courier during the Oct. 8 Executive Board meeting. According to Egerman, there was an incredible turnout for the Alumni Celebration. The event drew close to 200 attendees, including alumni from 1938 and recent graduates of the elementary school. Current and former teachers, principals, and staff, as well as current and former board of education members and superintendents also attended. 

“It was wonderful to see the old friends, former students, and teachers reconnect. And the gorgeous new campus was a perfect setting,” said Egerman. 

The festivities at Horace Mann will continue with the annual Multicultural Week beginning Oct. 14. The theme of each day will reflect the diversity of the school community. Egerman explained that the Horace Mann Huskies represent over 35 different cultures, and students and their families speak some 29 different languages. Multicultural Week presentations will include a Viking reenactment, African dancers, a Japanese torii, a Middle Eastern drum circle, Samba dancers, and a multi-lingual performance. 

PTA Executive Board member Jennifer Pedersen tells the Courier that the week- long celebration provides students and parents an opportunity to share their heritage and cultural experience. 

“Multicultural Week gives us a platform to showcase what makes each culture unique and brings us closer as we realize the many commonalities, we all share,” said Pedersen. Egerman echoed that sentiment, describing the event as spectacular. “It’s a heart- warming and educational experience for parents and students because they get to share and learn,” she said. 

Each day of Multicultural Week, parents and student greeters dressed in traditional garb will welcome students. The school grounds will be decorated with flags and country posters. Activities will include regional music, and attendees will enjoy international food sampling, arts and crafts, as well as sports and cultural performances. There will also be a Cultural Museum which students may visit by grade level to learn about the countries featured during the multicultural event. Lunchtime activities will feature table displays where students will learn about the diverse cultures. The fun continues after school where families will join the students to enjoy the cultural experience as well. 

Horace Mann Elementary School will continue its year-long anniversary celebration into the spring. Additional scheduled events include a school carnival slated for later in the school year. Egerman added that 90th anniversary Horace Mann Huskiest-shirts are available for purchase online at hmpta@bhusd.org or by contacting the Horace Mann PTA directly. 

Horace Mann Elementary School Multicultural Celebration 2018


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