Face Gym: The New Workout for Your Skin

For the New Year-New You, it’s time to kick your traditional facial to the curb and join a face gym. 

A British-born import (with a New York outlet), has recently opened at the 1 Hotel on Sunset Boulevard near the street level entrance. 

Just like you work your body at the gym, this tiny studio works the 40 forgotten muscles of your face to help you look taut and youthful. As Founder, Inge Theron says, “Your muscles are the scaffolding of your face. Just like your body- take it to the gym.” And, they literally take the whole workout approach seriously. 

The staff “trainers” are decked out in gym gear and the open “treatment” space looks like a workout room complete with a ballet bar. You won’t find any gooey-green facial masks but devices designed to lift, sculpt, tone and tighten. 

“We focus on muscles first, skin second,” Studio Manager Marco Herrera told the Courier. “Our [facial] workouts consist of specific hand movements that we do. We mimic everything that you do at the gym for your body but we do it on your face.” 

You literally start with a warm-up, move to cardio, sculpt and cool down. The trainers stimulate blood flow and collagen production with a small mini-yoga ball to loosen up the muscles and then go into a deep tissue massage. Depending on which of the seven workouts you choose, the signature is an all-hands movement, or the electrical uses a muscle stimulator that contacts the muscles but is reportedly stronger than other similar devices on the market and you can see the muscles contracting. 

Yes, there are some familiar looking high- tech tools and cryofacial machines but this is a truly unique and fun approach for helping to achieve muscle memory. 

Skincare focused workouts include “Party Face” that uses the Skin ID machine which is a pressurized oxygen system (like a mini-power-wash for the face) that deep cleans. There are “cocktails” for the face and vitamin infusions as well with this treatment. The pressurized hyaluronic acid, is according to Herrera, “Equal to 10 glasses of water for your skin.” 

“Game Face” adds a radio frequency element that works with water molecules and your skin to speed up the production of cells and tighten the face. This is a dermatology level treatment and the strongest they offer. “We don’t have anything super relaxing,” confirms Herrera. “But what clients really love about us is you see an instant result before you leave. Your skin is lifted and defined.” 

“Yoga Face” is a little more relaxing as there are no devices involved, just slower hand movements. 

Some gadgets used include the Gua stone which is 100 percent certified jade and operates like a roller but it’s flat and fits all of the contours of your face and is good for lymphatic drainage. “Great for depuffing your eyes in the morning,” recommends Herrera. Or, the gold derma roller to stimulate collagen production. 

Different serums are made with cold press vegan oil and blended on-site in the studio at the “make it” bar after you fill out a questionnaire and custom blend a serum based on your skin type, concerns, and lifestyle. They even produce a training stick that looks like deodorant but holds skin-care for when you work out. According to Herrera, “It’s heat-activated by our body’s natural temperature, so it’s like getting a facial while you [actually] work-out.” 

L.A. seems to be embracing this latest beauty trend, another location is already being scouted in the Brentwood-Santa Monica area. 

Prices start from $70. Facegym.com 


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