Visionary Women Hosts Suze Orman in Virtual Salon

The women’s empowerment nonprofit, Visionary Women, held a virtual event Feb. 3 with personal finance guru Suze Orman. The #1 New York Times best-selling author, two-time Emmy Award winner, host of the popular “Women & Money” podcast, magazine and online columnist, writer, producer, and top motivational speaker, Orman is America’s most recognized expert on personal finance.

Entitled “Riding Out the Storm with Suze Orman,” the complimentary Visionary Women webinar addressed some of the challenging economic and personal finance issues resulting from the global coronavirus pandemic. Mae Cheng, senior vice president of Barron’s Group at Dow Jones, moderated. The event drew a national audience, furthering the organization’s ongoing initiative to support women and girls beyond the boundaries of Los Angeles.

During the one-hour virtual webinar, Orman described the new year as “The Great Reset.” She provided a roadmap for ensuring a manageable financial cushion. She touched upon the housing and stock markets, ROTH IRA retirement accounts, credit card and student debt, cybercurrencies and the importance of saving.

Orman also spoke of the emotional challenges of difficult economic times, and specific ways women can support each other. She encouraged actions that provide a direct impact on individuals and communities in need. She praised organizations such as Visionary Women and others that provide a strong community of peers and mentors, those that donate ideas, guidance, propel women to greater heights emotionally and encourage self-worth.

Visionary Women is a Los Angeles non-profit, membership-based community dedicated to women empowering and supporting other women, and girls. The progressive organization supports women’s initiatives both locally and internationally by providing a unique platform highlighting relevant issues and advancing leadership. To watch Visionary Women’s “Riding Out the Storm with Suze Orman” on-demand and for more information on Visionary Women and the upcoming virtual salons, visit

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