A Message of Gratitude | Guest Editorial

Dear Beverly Hills Community,

For a few more days, I am your City Manager, George Chavez. Almost four decades ago, when I first entered public service as a building inspector, I could never imagine that I would be retiring as City Manager. It is not a position I aimed for, but it turned out to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

While in the Community Development and Public Works departments, I had many opportunities to work “in the field,” as we lovingly refer to it. That means I have been on site with our city staff on commercial projects, home renovations, street paving, sidewalk repairs, park upgrades, and countless other projects. There is a very good chance we have crossed paths!

I walked our city, our neighborhoods, our business districts and even our alleys because I believe in seeing things first-hand. This city is a living, breathing entity and there is never a shortage of things to do. That is what gave me a job.  However, what started as a job, turned into a career; and what became a career, turned into a relationship with all of you.

During these past thirty-four years, not only have I gotten to know you, but I have also watched your families grow. I have met your children, your grandchildren and your pets. We have solved problems together, resolved concerns, talked about many-sided issues, and worked through the most difficult times, including a pandemic. 

The thing that has been a constant throughout has been my relationship with you. Like in any relationship, I have learned a lot from this one and the message is simple: 

All of us, coming together, doing what we do to make this town an amazing place to live, to work or to just be – that’s the heart of this community. This does not end with retirement. Thanks to all of you, Beverly Hills will always be with me as I turn the page to a new life chapter. 

With deep gratitude,

George Chavez