Residents and Officers Partake in ‘Pizza with Patrol’

Beverly Hills Police Department officers and other local emergency responders met with residents of the community during a casual get-together at Upper Crust Pizzeria, where the pizza went quickly and warm connections were made.

The “Pizza with Patrol” neighborhood gathering, held on Pi Day, March 14, was an opportunity for the people of Beverly Hills to get to know their local police officers on a personal level and see them as more than just a badge.

“It’s nice to let people know who you are behind the uniform,” Lt. Reginald Evans, the public information officer with the Beverly Hills Police Department, told the Courier, between bites of pineapple and cheese. Hustling out of the pouring rain on a foggy afternoon and into the storefront pizzeria on Beverly Drive, local leaders– including Councilmembers Lester Friedman and Sharona Nazarian–joined in on the fun, enjoying slices and sodas on the house. Judging by the warm manner Friedman greeted Evans and vice versa, there’s a close working relationship between this city’s elected officials and law enforcement professionals.

Amidst all of the commotion, the event’s organizers managed to get everyone together for a photograph, with Nazarian, Beverly Hills Police Officer Jeffrey Newman and others standing shoulder-to-shoulder, smiling wide for the camera.