More Than 300 Attend Final Business with Bosse

The high energy in the penthouse at Mastro’s Steakhouse was palpable on March 29, as both sunlight and more than 300 guests streamed in the multi-room suite, marking a bright farewell to Business with Bosse. The signature weekly event series, spotlighting Beverly Hills businesses and bringing the community together, has concluded as Mayor Lili Bosse’s term ends with the installation of Vice Mayor Julian Gold next week.

The lively cocktail reception featured open-bar drinks, passed bites of steak and seafood, sliders and Mastro’s butter cake. Guests exchanged business cards, hugged, and posed for photos and selfies with the beloved mayor.

About an hour into the standing-room only party, Bosse took the microphone in hand to give thanks, flanked by Mastro’s General Manager Sophia Boyd and Executive Chef Walter Mayen. “Welcome to the last Business with Bosse. Thank you for being here with us!” Bosse exclaimed, to claps and cheers from the crowd. “As I promised, this would be the best one yet. And is this the best one yet? It’s awesome!”

Bosse first thanked her husband and sons for their support. “I want to say a special thank you, number one, to my family who is here tonight. Jon, Andrew and Adam–they have been the reason I’ve been able to do this.”

Bosse poses for a selfie with singer/musician Kandace Lindsey. Photos by Michele Raphael

Next, Bosse thanked city staff, specifically naming new Director of Community Services Stephanie Harris, Marketing and Economic Sustainability Manager Laura Biery and Public Information Officer Lauren Santillana.

Bosse then said to the crowd, “I feel very blessed that I got to be the mayor during a time when we could be together and see exactly why we love our community. We are a community and we have heart and we connect and that is what Business with Bosse has done together with each other and our businesses, so let’s give it up to all of you for doing this!”

Before passing the mike to Boyd and Mayen, the mayor praised both them and the venue for its generous spread and hospitality. Boyd recalled that she and Bosse instantly connected after she arrived at Mastro’s from Boston and expressed that the mayor is an inspiration to both the community of Beverly Hills and to women. She and Mayen, who’s been with Mastro’s for 22 years, presented Bosse with an enormous bouquet and a dessert tower with chocolate scripting that said, “Thank you Mayor Bosse.”

The celebration continued with residents and business owners singing Bosse’s and the event series’ praises. Eric Cohen, owner of Video Valet, has attended every Business with Bosse. “Amazing, magical things have happened at every Business with Bosse,” Cohen told the Courier. “I met someone who went on to work for me, who was a student and became a valuable intern. I’ve met people who have become clients,” he said. “But really what it’s created is an incredible environment for everybody to share and reach out, and that joy becomes contagious.”

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Bosse with Eric Cohen, owner of Video Valet